Florida Therapist Shot By Police Reunites With Autistic Patient: “He Was Very Happy To See Me”

Charles Kinsey, an unarmed Florida therapist, went viral after he was shot by a North Miami officer while in the process of de-escalating his autistic patient on July 18.

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Although video footage shows Kinsey placing his hands in the air and protecting his patient by informing cops of his mental disability, officer Johnathan Aledda fired three shots on the scene anyway, one which pierced Kinsey’s upper thigh. He has since been placed on paid leave due to an ongoing investigation.

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Kinsey was released from the hospital late last week and reunited with his patient, Arnaldo Rios, shortly after on Thursday (July 28). Rios remains hospitalized as a result of emotional trauma caused by the shooting, but Kinsey reveals that his recovery has been promising.

“He is looking well. He is doing really well, and he was very happy to see me,” Kinsey told CBS. “He gave me a real big hug, and I sat with him for about 10 to 15 minutes.”

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Now walking with a cane and prominent limp, Kinsey expresses that he is relieved that both he and Rios survived what could have been a fatal incident. However, he admits that his recovery has been challenging. “I’m mentally distraught,” he said. “I have to play these tapes in my head every day. I can’t sleep at night, and I’m just thinking that this could’ve went the other way.”

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