Nick Young Fires Back At Gilbert Arenas During Home Invasion


Nick Young can’t catch a break after his ex-fiancée Iggy Azalea called off their engagement– especially not from Gilbert Arenas. The former NBA player paid an unexpected “visit” to the Laker athlete’s home after hopping his fence and shamelessly posted the receipts of his wild break in on Snapchat for the world to see.

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“Why you cheating on Iggy all the time?” Arenas asked once he gained access to the house, marking the beginning of the questionable shenanigans, like pulling out a knife, to follow.

Besides roasting Swaggy P about his baby’s mother Keonna Green’s pregnancy, and a lack of playing time, Arenas took pride in harassing Young’s four-year-old son Nick Jr. As if pushing toys out of his hands weren’t enough, “No Chill Gil” also teased the junior for crying after he was hit by a ball.

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“What the f**k you doing to my son?” Young claps back. See the rest of his response to the trolling below:

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