Hopsin Sacrifices For What He Believes In His “Die This Way” Video

Imagine your mental state if you were denied from receiving a hefty loan from the bank for medical treatment your mother needs to live. Hopsin revels in the sadness, frustrations, determination, and every other emotion that stems from that kind of stress and trauma in the short film for his single “Die This Way.” In under six minutes, the former Funk Volume emcee executes a risky plan to get the money for chemotherapy to help cure his mother of cancer.

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With the help of his homie from his newly founded Undercover Prodigy imprint, Hopsin goes after the one who wouldn’t give him the money he needed and ends up shooting him in the street in front of his wife. The L.A. rapper’s weary look on his face shifts from worry and angst to stone cold anger as he goes through the motions of his arrest, the trial that found him guilty of all charges, and his final moments before he served his death sentence.

While it appears he may have gotten himself in trouble out of spite, what happens at the end of this intense story will leave you in disbelief.

Watch the short film for “Die This Way” below.