Ian Connor Is Threatening Women On Twitter For Calling Him A Rapist

Ian Connor is threatening women on Twitter for calling him a rapist…again. The fashion consultant has been accused of threatening two women on Twitter Sunday night (July 17) in response to the duo accusing him of being a rapist.

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This isn’t the first time Connor has been in the news because of rape accusations. Back in April, Malika Anderson spoke on a personal encounter she had with Connor which allegedly led to rape. However, due to lack of evidence and Connor refusing to answer questions, the case was dropped. Staying true to form, Connor then fired back at Anderson and the other accusers with a twitter rant, making Sunday night’s episode not surprising.

Twitter user @DaniellasBroke posted screenshots of Connor’s direct messages with threats to spit in her face and track her down using her IP address after she referred to him as a rapist. By the looks of the screenshots, Connor seemed unbothered by his threats to this young woman displaying their conversation or the exchange potentially viral, he even suggested she post the receipts to her followers.

Shortly after, another woman who has also labeled Connor a rapist came forward about him recently harassing her with threats in her Twitter DMs.

This latest development comes just one month after Connor and Theophilus London came to blows at a London pop-up event. A$AP Bari was there to capture the quarrel on tape, which erupted due to London calling Connor out on his several rape allegations.

The stylist, who has been nicknamed “The Bill Cosby of Fashion” has worked with big names like A$AP Rocky, and is a close friend/collaborate of Kanye West.