Texas Inmates Break Out Of Cell To Save Guard Having Heart Attack

A group of inmates from Texas were hailed heroes after they broke the rules to save a life of a prison guard having a heart attack.

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According to ABC News, the incident happened at the Weatherford District Courts Building on June 23 with at least eight inmates and an armed guard. After the guard lost consciousness, inmates yelled for help but were ignored. When the officer failed to communicate with them, they broke out of their cells and banged on the walls and ceilings in an effort to call for help once more.

One of the inmates told a reporter, “We [were] worried because they [were] going to come with their guns drawn on us.” Sheriff’s deputies finally came to the aid of the guard and ushered the men back into the cell. EMT workers later revived the guard with a defibrillator.

It isn’t known if the inmates were formally thanked for their quick thinking. Take a look as it all unfolds in the video above.

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