Issa Rae Raised Over $300,000 In Scholarship Fund For Alton Sterling’s Children

In the aftermath of Alton Sterling’s death, many responded to the call to action to make this ongoing dialogue of police brutality in black and brown neighborhoods louder than ever.

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With marches and letters being sent to those in power to enact substantial change in law enforcement, one influencer leaped into action to ensure the future of Sterling’s children.

Insecure creator, Issa Rae, launched a GoFundMe for the 37-year-old’s kids which would help to further their education. Within nine hours, people raised nearly $300,000, prompting Rae to thank those who showed their support.

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“When we unite we are amazing,” she wrote. “I am so proud of us. Thank u for thinking of #AltonSterling’s kids.”

This news arrived a day after a heartbreaking video of Sterling’s oldest son broke down in tears while his mother gave a press conference on her husband’s death. An investigation is still ongoing on the matter.