Jean Lephare Steps Into His Own With “Survival” and “Pullin’ Up”

The name Jean Lephare just might ring a bell in your mind. The music producer and artist was once a young kid in Jive Records’ talented 90s singing group Imajin. After melting the hearts of young girls, strengthening his musicianship and moving on from his musical brothers, the New Orleans-based artist headed back to NOLA and went on to team up with his cousin, forming the beat makin’ duo MonstaBeatz. The two tag-teamed and eventually produced records for many chart-topping artists like Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa and Curren$y.

After cementing himself as one of the most accomplished producers of his home city, Lephare is moving from behind the boards and into the spotlight where he nurtured his talent, and will soon release his debut project titled Toast.

“Now I’m stepping out from the production side of things, even though we [MonstaBeatz] produced a few songs,” Jean Lephare explained. “This project has elements of what fans may find familiar with my sound because we come from that and we helped build that, but at the same time its an R&B project too, so it has more melodic stuff and more singing. It still has the rapping but its relying more heavily on the melodies.”

Switching from production to rapping, Jean Lephare is kicking things off with his song “Survival,” produced by BlackTheBeast. The video, directed by Romano & Plex and Jon Auguste, shows Jean Lephare in the gritty streets of Trinidad.

“I was DJing this event and judging a showcase in Trinidad and I wanted to tap into their culture, they got a lot of talent over there. I was there for two weeks and I was just like let me shoot something. Its really natural, everything is real, not actors, interacting with the real people. It was the slums but they embraced you.”

Aside from releasing the hip-hop-esque visual above, Jean taps into his R&B side with his latest track, “Pullin’ Up,” where he makes it clear to a special lady that he wants to make it a night to remember. Hit play and get familiar. “Survival” is available for download on iTunes now.

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