Juice Hip-Hop Exhibition Kicks Off The 2016 Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival


Hip hop took root in Bronx soil in the 1970s. The new sound reverberated across the nation, and struck up along sidewalks as kids would beat box, dreaming of dropping bars as fresh as their favorite rappers. The Juice Hip-Hop Exhibition, as part of the 12th Annual Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival, dissected the elements of hip hop culture–The DJ, the MC, dancing, art and streetwear– and gave each their time to shine individually.

Excited music lovers filed into St. Ann’s Warehouse, located just below New York City’s Brooklyn Bridge, and congregated around the stage. DJ Midnite, Kat Daddy Slim and Kerim the DJ took turns getting the crowd hyped as up-and-coming emceess dominated the stage. Taylor Bennett, Nick Grant and Your Old Droog were the exhibitions representation of the bright future of hip hop.

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Hip hop transcends beyond the ear; over the decades it has evolved into a tangible culture of not only musicians, but also artist and dancers who draw inspiration from a common beat. From graffiti to graphic design, artists such as Lavan Wright and Mr. DT have had no shortage of outlets to spark their creative expression.

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As a universal symbol of hip hop, sneakers were of course a mandatory component of this event. Limited Edition Ewing Athletics gave photographers Justin Millhouse, Fred Daniels and Andy Mac, each hailing from Detroit, Chicago and Jersey City respectively, were each given a pair of Ewing sneakers and tasked with creating a project showcasing their city through the their pair of shoes.

Litefeet Nation’s Chrybaby Cozie showed off his footwork along with B.Seth and House Arrest 2 C.D.T INC Ch6. The crowd was in an uproar as their bodies pop, locked and twisted to the DJ’s tracks.