Step Into Kay Anthony’s World With His New Album ‘The Man That I Am Now’


Kay Anthony follows Vice$ & Vanity up with his latest LP The Man I Am Now, which is set to release today (July 7) and will be available on Apple Music. The album features 10 tracks, as Kay talks about the struggles of growing up in the projects, using his storytelling abilities to display the journey to where he is today.

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The 21-year-old dedicated the LP to his late mother, Arlene Garnett. He talks about how losing her helped shape him as a man, even comparing losing her to losing himself. The album cover was inspired by Nas, one of his influences. Illmatic featured a similar cover that Kay Anthony used as inspiration, signifying that his friends mean the world to him and will be there every step of the journey.

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Make sure to check out the album when it drops on iTunes.