Kelly Price Catches Hell For Performing “As We Lay” At Gospel Event

Talk about a tough crowd.

Kelly Price caught hell for performing “Ass We Lay” at the Indiana Black Expo’s Gospel Explosion in Indianapolis, Indiana Sunday (July 17).

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In her defense, she apparently didn’t know that she would be singing for a gospel crowd.


The audience wasn’t exactly comfortable with the song choice, likely because “As We Lay” is about the afterglow of adultery.  Meanwhile, Price wasn’t happy with the way she was treated:

Clearly still heated, Price recorded a “church bigotry” rant after the show. “I had a very, very disheartening experience,” she said on Instagram Sunday. “I was asked to do my music  — not my gospel music, but my music — which is what I did. After I got off the stage, the lady who was the MC followed behind me and felt it necessary to make some comments that I guess indicated to a degree that my performance was not appropriate.”

She obviously wasn’t feeling the woman’s response.

“I was on stage because I was invited,” she pointed out. “I didn’t run on the stage and decide that I was going to perform because I felt like it. I think this type of ignorance and church bigotry is ridiculous… it’s the reason why people won’t come to church. I’m very, very angry and I need to let everybody know.”

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Price recorded a few more videos about being “sacrificed” and realizing her duty to expose “that which isn’t authentic.” 

“When God opened these doors for me…I knew I was going to be on the frontline. I didn’t understand completely why,” she said.

In the end, IBE publicly apologized and clarified that Price wasn’t meant to sing during the gospel portion of the event.

Hit the gallery for some of hilarious Twitter reactions to the performance.


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