This Is How Much Kevin Durant’s OKC Jerseys Are Selling For

It’s been a headline-grabbing transition for Kevin Durant from the Oklahoma City Thunder to the Golden State Warriors, who defeated OKC in the playoffs earlier this year. The DMV native has shared his thoughts on his move to Cali during various press runs, but his OKC fans have yet to forgive him, leading his once popular jersey to plummet in price.

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According to ESPN, the 27-year-old pro athlete’s OKC jerseys are selling for 48 cents at a local sports apparel store in Oklahoma, which normally retailed for $69.99.

On his friendship with former teammate Russell Westbrook, Durant shared that “obviously our relationship won’t ever be the same again, but it’s something I wanted to do, and I expressed that to him. Hopefully he respected it.” Westbrook has yet to share his sentiments on the move.

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Durant later added that he might be seen as the bad guy, but life goes on. “Obviously people don’t like me right now, but it is what it is. I can’t please them all. I’ve got to still go out there and handle my business.”

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