Kevin Durant Says He Was Hesitant To Go Outside After Leaving The Thunder

After Kevin Durant made his decision public that he would indeed be leaving the Oklahoma City Thunder to form a super team out west with the Golden State Warriors, he didn’t know what to do with himself. KD laid in bed for two days, hiding from public criticism inside a Hampton’s mansion playing video games. He knew how many people he had upset in the Oklahoma City community with his decision.

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Durant revealed his thoughts in an interview with USA Today after practice with Team USA, about his first days as a member of the Warriors.

“The two days after I didn’t leave my bed because if I walk outside somebody might try to hit me with their car,” Durant said. “I just stayed in and tried to process it all. I wanted to be around family and positive support. It felt different, obviously.”

“I had been somewhere for so long and made a change no one saw coming and didn’t think I would do. Of course I didn’t know how it would be received afterward. But at some point I said, ‘Life goes on, and I can’t hide forever,’ so I had to face it.” The 2014 MVP revealed.

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The 27-year-old didn’t want to face the criticism from Thunder and NBA fans across the globe. After a few days passed, It was time to get back to reality and he seems to be at peace with his decision, which was the right one in his eyes.

Carmelo Anthony thinks Durant is happy with his move. “Just from talking to him and being around him, he’s happy, he’s at peace with that decision, and everybody else should be at peace with that decision. If he’s at peace, everybody else should be at peace,” said Anthony.

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There’s a new villain in town.