KRS-One: “Anyone Who Has A Problem With Afrika Bambaataa Should Quit Hip-Hop”

KRS-One is standing firm on his support of Afrika Bambaatta, and issued a defiant and dismissive response to anyone who questions the validity of the sexual molestation allegations leveled against the “Planet Rock” rapper.

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“When you’re talking about Afrika Bambaataa, first of all, you’re talking about the person who invented hip-hop,” KRS-One said. “Not participated in it. There was no hip-hop before Afrika Bambaataa. Let’s start there, so anyone who has a problem with Afrika Bambaataa should quit hip-hop.”

During a recent sit-down in Birmingham, England, the Boogie Down Productions member continued to refer to the allegations against 59 year old Bambaataa as “gossip” and maintains he doesn’t participate in such fodder.

“Let me tell you what I could care less about: accusations and gossip.” KRS-One said. “KRS does not get involved in that. Show me the evidence and I will definitely have justice done.

In April, Ronald Savage spoke exclusively with the New York Daily News and gave detailed account of his relationship with the former Zulu Nation leader. Savage’s accusations, which included being forced to perform oral sex on Bambaataa, was the beginning of several men who came forward accusing the Bronx native of sexual molestation.

When the interviewer suggested both perspectives, the victims and Bambaataa be given the same level of respect and platform to voice their side of the story, KRS-One, who will celebrate his 50th birthday next month, said leaders of the culture should be untouchable.

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“Some of us are infallible. Some of us are going to have to be untouchable or our entire culture is going to fall. Our culture cannot fall on the accusations of four people, that’s weak.”

Watch KRS explain why leaders of hip-hop should be above reproach below.