Lil Wayne Has Another Seizure As His Epilepsy Continues To Plague Him

Following a series of seizures that forced his plane to land multiple times in June, it has been reported that rapper Lil Wayne has suffered yet another seizure. Moments before he was set to perform at a pre-UFC 200 party at the TAO nightclub in Vegas last week, Wayne was hit with the seizure and was forced to cancel the show. He has been released from the ICU and is said to be currently recovering in Miami.

Although these reports are can be frightening to fans, these seizures are not a new occurrence for Weezy F. Baby. In 2013, he admitted in an interview with Power 106 Los Angeles that he is epileptic and has been been prone to seizures for a long time.

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TMZ reports that this recent seizure resulted from a problem with his medication as doctors are still trying to find the right balance of treatments for the rapper.

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