Watch Majid Jordan’s Lovelorn “Make It Work” Video

OVO’s fervent duo of singer Majid Al Maskati and producer Jordan Ullman are back with a new video for their song “Make It Work.” This comes as a follow up to the duo’s release of their glorious debut album Majid Jordan back earlier this year.

The video starts out with grainy footage of a party before focusing right on Majid Al Maskati, who is engulfed in a haze of smoke while a beautiful girl comes in and starts stripping for him. Something is clearly on the singer’s mind as he can’t seem to let himself become intimate with the dime.

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As the beat picks up and the tempo accelerates, Jordan is spotted dancing with another beautiful lady as the focus shifts back to Majid. We can see the same troubled expression on his face, but he seems to be finding his groove. However, we quickly find out he’s actually in the midst of serious relationship problems.

Majid Jordan does it again with another beautifully produced visual experience about confronting your problems.

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Watch the video below: