Police Arrest Man Who Was First To Share Alton Sterling Shooting Video Online

The Atlanta man who was the first to share the video of Alton Sterling’s brutal shooting was arrested by police last week, Complex reports.

Chris LeDay has no involvement in the Sterling case and merely shared the video on his Facebook page last Tuesday (July 6). The horrific footage of what would end up being Sterling’s dying moments was captured from two different angels.

On the video, Baton Rouge, Louisiana police officers can be seen straddling and then shooting Sterling to death in front of a liquor store where he sold CDs.

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Within hours of the post, LeDay says he was met by authorities. “I just made it to my job on base and I’m being detained,” he wrote on Facebook.”They said I fit the description of someone and won’t tell me anything else. If anything happens I did not resist! Please be aware!”

LeDay wrote that he was “surrounded by cops” but was later free to go, according to another Facebook message:

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The death of Sterling, and Philando Castille, have sparked anti-police brutality protests across the nation.