Maxwell Explains His "Confused Face" BET Awards Meme

No, Internet. You were wrong.

After seven long years, Maxwell has finally returned to music with his highly anticipated blackSUMMERS'night. The 12-track record is the second installment in his "Black Summers's Night" trilogy and, while fans are lusting at the ears to hear new music, the R&B crooner made headlines while earning the Internet's highest honor: becoming a meme.

At the 2016 BET Awards, Maxwell made a classic confused face that was captured by the Internet and has since been used to express some of life's more peculiar moments.

The "1900X" artist singer was on hand Friday (July 1) in New Orleans for his headlining Essence Festival performance, but also there to promote his partnership with Verizon. The singer-songwriter will lend his star power to help encourage children in the inner city to gain hands on experience while creating apps.

The now famous Maxwell BET Awards meme has been used to express everything from how long should you marinate the chicken to this Joakim Noah New York's Knicks contract.  The "Lake By The Ocean" singer said his facial expression came while mentally processing Taraji P. Henson's spiel  at the awards after Beyonce and Kendrick Lamar's electrifying opening performance.

"Taraji P. Henson, she's a very good friend of mine so when I was watching [her] monologue which came directly after Beyonce's performance, which was fantastic, she was going in on a skit. It was meant to make everyone laugh, and I just sort of, you know, processed it the way that I did for all the men on the planet, I think," Maxwell said

"I wasn't so sure about the whole being a chauffeur thing. You know, I thought relationships were equal. It was just my take on it. But it wasn't anything directed towards her, or the situation at hand. It was like, if I'm taking someone to a concert, I'm not their chauffeur, that's how I looked at it. But at the end of the day, it was all jokes anyway."

Agreed Maxwell. But now we have a classic meme to express that confusion whenever needed. Your generosity is appreciated.

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We backkkkkkkkk.


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Comedienne Jess Hilarious Under Fire For Xenophobic Comments Toward Sikhs

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The Internet quickly sent the comic a digital side eye for her xenophobic comments, which came two days after 51 Muslim men and women were gunned down in New Zealand. The youngest of which was 3-year-old Mucaas Ibrahim.

what if Jess Hilarious’ middle name is Notthat?

— Jamal (@JamalJimoh) March 17, 2019

A day after Muslims were ambushed and murdered while praying (death toll now at 51), Jess Hilarious hops on Al Gore’s internet to brag about+defend getting 4 people with turbans kicked off a flight because she didn’t feel safe.

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Xenophobia is really disgusting.

The hate for Muslims is disgusting and Jess hilarious is trash and not worthy of a platform.

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One Twitter user, a DJ who goes by the name DJ The Gypsy pointed out Jess' comments run rampant within other parts of the black community.

Jess Hilarious’ anti-Muslim rhetoric sheds light on a very important topic; Islamophobia within the black Christian community

— dylan (@dylanthegypsy) March 17, 2019

The backlash Jess merited did, however, highlight not everyone shared her sentiments.

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