Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed Conducts Meeting With “Black Lives Matter” Leaders

The “Black Lives Matter” movement continues to fight on behalf of the racial injustices taking place around the United States, and they have finally won over the ears of one politician, Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed.

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Thousands of protestors and activists have been shutting down Atlanta all weekend, marching through the city demanding an end to police brutality against African Americans. Mayor Reed has been watching the march and heard the cries of the people since protests began on the city’s expressway on Friday (Jul. 8).

“We hear this generation’s concern, and the protest tonight, but we’re going to have to do it in a King-ian fashion,” Reed told the crowd. “We’re going to have to make sure that people remain safe, and I simply ask that people don’t get on the expressways.”

But this past Monday (Jul. 11), their fight which concluded at the Georgia Governors Mansion hosting a sit-in, ended with a bang.

Their goals to have their voices heard by Mayor Reed or police Chief George Turner was granted after hours of putting up a non-violent fight.

The mayor and chief arrived to the protest later in the night, and held a meeting with the four Black Lives Matter leaders who were responsible for organizing the sit-in.

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Mayor Reed and Chief Turner agreed to arrange a meeting about police injustices after talking amongst each other for almost an hour. The leaders exited the police command truck content and overjoyed with what they were able to accomplish. “I am somebody and I deserve more equality,” the people chanted.

The entire city was elated and looks forward to what Mayor Reed and Chief Turner have in store that will allow the world to unite as one.

Even politicians reached out and gave props to Reed for the way he handled what was occurring in Atlanta.

Following the meeting, Chief Turner spoke with the press about what was discussed in the police command vehicle.

“They wanted to have a conversation with us and that’s what we’re out here to do — have a conversation. Our city is doing the right things — that’s why we’re out here,” he said. “We’re out here trying to have a conversation with folks and figure out what we can do to move our police department to a better place,”

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Reed is calling a “cool off period” before the big meeting, which is scheduled to take place on Monday, July 18.