Memphitz Opens Up About The Brutal Murder Of His Father By A KKK Member

Mickey “Memphitz” Wright, the estranged husband of Toya Wright, opened up about his father being brutally murdered by a KKK member in his hometown of Memphis. The emotional moment came out during an episode of Marriage Bootcamp Friday (July 22).

The couples on the WE-TV reality show were asked to share traumatic experiences from childhood when Memphitz shared his story.

“I already come up in a racist town, so it’s like for a racist KKK member to kill my dad, I have a fuse so short, it’s not good,” he admitted.

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His father, Mickey Wright Sr., was a 46-year-old code enforcement officer last seen on April 7, 2001, following a visit to a car lot to write a citation.

Dale V. Mardis, a white gun dealer and auto sales owner, killed Mickey Sr. in what the Department of Justice classified as a “racially motivated” slaying.

Mickey Sr. was dismembered with pieces of his body burned in a 55-gallon drum, while remaining body parts were placed in various junkyard cars and crushed.

It took three years for Mardis to be arrested for Mickey Sr.’s murder. He pleaded no contest to the charges.  

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Mardis was initially offered a plea deal to serve 15 years, but a federal civil rights trial put him behind bars for life, in 2011. 

“This defendant committed a heinous act of hate-filled violence, and today’s life sentence sends an unmistakable message that such conduct will not be tolerated in our society,”  Thomas E. Perez, Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Rights Division, said of the sentence. “I am hopeful that this sentence will bring some sense of justice for Mickey Wright’s loved ones.”

Mardis also admitted to the 1998 unrelated murder of a white man over a debt dispute.

Memphitz relived the experience, and ultimately forgave his father’s murderer during the show. In the clip below, Marriage Bootcamp counselor Jim Carroll acts as Mardis.

Click here for the full episode.

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