Miguel Asks “How Many” Black Lives Does It Take To Make A Change

It seems as if a Civil War is, literally, happening in our backyards. The recent killings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, and the five Dallas police officers has the country in a mixed state of being irate, saddened and confused.

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Many artists are using their platforms to deliver their two cents on racial strife here in America. And today (July 8), Miguel also steps in with a new track titled, “How Many ruff 1.”

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Here, Miguel asks how many black lives will be murdered before changes are made. He also expresses his frustrations with seeing humans turn into hashtags and praying hands.

Artists such as Jay Z, Z Ro, Mike Dean, Puff Daddy, Drake, Macklemore, Chris Brown, Beyonce, and Issa Rae, among others have used their platform to raise awareness of police brutality.

Stream Miguel’s “How Many ruff 1″ below.