Social Media Users React To Nate Parker’s Gripping ‘Birth Of A Nation’ Movie Poster

This fall season, Birth of a Nation will finally be released to the masses (Oct. 7), allowing those who decide to see the film to finally understand why critics at Sundance are already placing it up for the most coveted honors at 2017’s Oscars.

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With trailers that produce a single tear upon watching it to a few statements from the motion picture’s producer/director, Nate Parker, on the impact the film will have on moviegoers, a new promotional image has stopped spectators in their tracks.

The movie poster to accompany the film shows Parker restricted by an American flag-patterned noose. One Twitter user pointed out that the poster resembles that of famed artist Laurie Cooper’s painting, “Black Man In America.”

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Read what other social media users had to say about the eye-grabbing image above.