Nick Cannon Isn’t Voting For President, But He Encourages Everyone Else To Vote


Nick Cannon has no plans to take part in the upcoming presidential election because he feels it’s merely a “popularity contest.”

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Cannon discussed the decision during an Access Hollywood Live interview Monday (July 25)., where he spoke about being an activist, noting that he was “in the communities” long before he became famous.

“I was taught to be a pillar and if you are a true leader in your community you gotta’ stand up and speak up,” Cannon said. “I come from a long line of ministers and community activists so this is just something that was always in my life.”

Cannon also touched on the distracting controversy that is Black Lives Matter vs. All Lives Matter. “No one ever said ‘only black lives matter,’” explained the father of two. “It’s a cry out for help, we’re saying ‘black lives matter too.’ People are always saying ‘I’m mad and tired of hearing about this ‘black lives matter,’ well we’re mad that we have to keep saying it.”

As far as politics are concerned, Cannon believes that voting in his “local election” is more important. “I will definitely be voting in my local election. The pageantry of the presidency, I am not really for that,” he said. “I feel like local government is the most important government specifically to our community.”

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Regardless of his personal choice, Cannon isn’t asking that others follow his example. “I encourage everyone to vote,” he continued. “It’s a lot of people who died and fought for the right for us to vote, but me personally I don’t like the pageantry. It’s a popularity contest.”

Cannon added that regardless of who becomes president, “it’s still gonna be 14 year olds in disenfranchised communities doing things with weapons and drugs that they shouldn’t be doing.”



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