NYC’s MTA Subway System Reportedly Plans To Raise Fares


Say hello to a new way of transportation. On Wednesday (July 27), the MTA issued a financial plan that has 2017 looking feasible. The plan includes a fare hike, and looking to raise more than $300 million annually for a transit system struggling to provide reliable service.

According to Jamison Dague of the nonprofit, Citizens Budget Commission, the MTA looks at this financial plan as a new way of profit including a $2.75 fare that can rise up a quarter to $3, ABC reports. The conversation of raising prices of an unlimited ride MetroCard is in the works.

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Dague explains how the MTA is making sure the public is considered, stating, “Usually, in all of these options, the MTA is careful to ensure that everyone has some sort of shared pain here when it comes to a fare increase.”

Though officials aren’t sure how much commuters will have to pay in tolls, MTA Finance Chief Bob Foran, recently explained that the biennial fare and toll increases need to be pursued. An advocate for low-income New Yorkers and MTA member, David Jones, says he wants to fix the burden of a fare hike by exposing the problem and finding other sources of revenue.

“That’s going to be my starting point — are there any ways to come at this that won’t jack up fares for other people just to support the very poor, but at the same time, are there other revenue streams that we have to start looking at more seriously?”