Ahead Of Olympics, Drug-Resistant Bacteria Found In Rio Waters

It looks like things might have just gotten a little bit messier for Brazil. According to CNN, a super bacteria has been found in Rio de Janiero waters only a month before this year’s Summer Olympics.

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Brazilian scientists claim to have detected a drug-resistant bacteria growing off some of Rio de Janeiro’s popular beaches. Lead researcher Renata Picao says the super bacteria entered the city’s waterways when sewage coming from local hospitals got channeled into the bay. “We have been looking for ‘super bacteria’ in coastal waters during a one-year period in five beaches,” she told CNN. “We found that the threats occur in coastal waters in a variety of concentrations and that they are strongly associated with pollution.”

The impact these bacterias could have on humans is still in question, however it is the next step in research according to Picao.

The Summer Olympics will be hosting thousands of people in a venue surrounded by two of the beautiful beaches flagged, Flamengo and Botafogo. This uncomfortable news comes after claims that the venue for the Olympics is far from being completed and unsafe for the athletes competing.

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“I wouldn’t say to change the venues because we don’t know the risks yet,” said Picao. “We are making this alert because if athletes get infected there is a chance this bacteria is multi-resistant and the physicians should know about this.”

Despite allegations Carlos Arthur Nuzman, president of the Brazilian Olympic Committee, claimed that the city of Rio is ready to start the games. “They will be a maximum success in this beautiful city of ours,” she said.