French Pokemon Go Player Detained After Entering Military Base

After the rollout of the extremely popular app Pokemon Go, there’s been story after story of insane happenings due to some users’ obsession with “catchin’ em all.”

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It was reported that a French man named Romain Pierre was detained after accidentally trespassing in an Indonesian military base in order to find Pokemon. Although the game hasn’t been rolled out in Asia, it still works in some parts of Indonesia. It was determined that 27-year-old Pierre trespassing was unintentional, since he “entered the complex as he was hunting Pokemon while jogging,” said police spokesperson, Col. Yusri Yunus.

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Some Pokemon Go users are doing the most according to reports. One apparently quit his full time job in order to play Pokemon Go as much as he wanted, and others have been warned not to hunt the virtual creatures in the Detroit cemetery where Rosa Parks is interred.

Remember, players, to think before you go!

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