Pokemon Go Users Are Disturbing The Cemetery Where Rosa Parks Rests


This Pokemon Go craze may be getting just a little bit out of hand. It was fine when players were wandering around parks and city streets in pursuit of the next animated character, but apparently users have taken the festivities to inappropriate areas, including cemeteries. One cemetery to be hit with teen-crazed fans and adult video-nerds alike is the Woodlawn Cemetery in Detroit, where Civil Rights activist Rosa Parks was laid to rest.

Midwest Memorial Group, which owns 28 cemeteries including Woodlawn, where Ms. Parks’ gravestone lies, has issued a warning to all Pokemon Go users, according to TMZ. The cemetery officials have reportedly asked players to keep off of the premises. The Pokemon search has become disruptive in the recent weeks since the game’s launch because players have invaded the grounds during funeral services.

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Unfortunately, Woodlawn isn’t the only cemetery to be hit. Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia also issued an official statement on its Twitter account, asking visitors to refrain from playing on the grounds. “We do not consider playing “Pokemon Go” to be appropriate decorum on the grounds of ANC. We ask all visitors to refrain from such activity,” the official account tweeted.

Well, there you have it. Games aren’t meant for cemeteries. Users should probably take their shenanigans elsewhere, and let the dead get back to their eternal sleep.

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