"Call Me James" The 15 Best Lines From Episode 301 Of 'Power'

In the season opener, Tommy assumes the role as number one, while Ghost learns he still has unfinished business to tend to.

With bruises on his face and a new-found freedom in his walk, Ghost reemerges in the Power Season Three opener confident he's said goodbye to his drug dealing past. After his murderous killing spree at the end of Season Two--which left Lobos bleeding out on a prison floor, Kanan up in flames and his entire drug syndicate either in the wind or dead--Ghost can finally focus on Club Truth.

And while Ghost and Angela play house, Tommy must now stall one connect in order to get product from another as he assumes the trifecta role of enforcer, organizer and distributor. Tommy must abide by the rules of the streets or suffer the lethal consequence Lobos--for the second time--makes clear.

As he maintains his name is James and not Ghost, Mr. St. Patrick dusts off the crumbs leftover from his days of pushing powdered substances. He's a legit businessman now, with legit, legal concerns and wants to be referred to as James, not his blood-lustful alter ego. Everything is everything, for Mr. St. Patrick until he learns he didn't tie up all his loose ends.

Check out the 15 best lines from Power, Episode 301 "Call Me James."

1) "When's the re-up coming? Where the f** is Ghost?"

Now that Ghost and Tommy have parted ways, Tommy must now be both executioner and business man. While his distributors question when their re-up is coming, they also wonder where's Ghost.

2) "It ain't like slinging dope. Drugs sell themselves. Legit sh*t takes more work, more finesse." Ghost.

While Tommy flies solo, Dre becomes Ghost's new number two and must now learn the rules of working a 9-to-5, the first of which is knowing that running a club requires skills that selling drugs simply did not.

3) "Another thing, when we're here, use your real name. When you cross that doorway here, you're Andre. And forget Ghost. Call me James." James St. Patrick.

In James St. Patrick's mind, his murderous past at the end of Season Two also included his former drug-dealing self. Mr. St. Patrick is legit. He's a business man, and no reminder of his former life will be tolerated or allowed.

4) "And I think I'm used to more space." James St. Patrick

James and Angela finally got what they always wanted: each other. Yet during the weekend getaways to Miami, or sexy hotel rendezvous, they didn't imagine the day-to-day which included fighting for space in the mirror, or for space in a cramped-one bedroom apartment. The fantasy of their relationship is over and now the reality has set in.

5) "I'm ready to meet them, when you're ready for that, whenever that is." Angela 

As Angela and Jamie get ready for work, Angela informed James she wants to meet his children, an admission that renders James speechless and further reminds him of how grave his decision was to split his family a part.

6) "I figure since you not f**king with Tommy anymore you need someone in that shotgun seat." Dre.

Andre can wear the suits, but Andre doesn't want the life. After holding a gun to Tommy's head during Ghost's time of need, Kanan's former protege assumed he's would pick up right where Tommy left off only to be proven wrong by James' standoffish attitude.

7) "You thought wrong. Lobos woke up. He's stable. So we're proceeding with the case." Mike Sandoval.

Angela hoped her superior, Mike Sandoval would grant her a transfer, "a fresh start" she claims, and uses Gregory Knox's return after his suspension--a suspension that she caused--as leverage. Sandoval denies her request because Lobos survived his attack, meaning James' life maybe in danger.

8) "My face looks like this because I killed Kanan." Ghost

Ghost visits Tasha to tell her he's out the game. He's focused on his business and that he knows Kanan was the one who killed Shawn, but honored Shawn's life (and removed a thorn from his side) by killing Kanan...or so he thinks.

9) "Apparently they seized all my assets and I can't even afford to pay my gardner in Polanco. Emmanuel does amazing things with roses but not for free." Lobos.

While Lobos recovers from several stab wounds inside a hospital, he questions why he isn't on a flight to Mexico, and more importantly why he doesn't have any money to pay his precious gardner.

10) "And not on Sundays. I'm a little busy on Sundays." Priest.

While Lobos' drugs remains embargoed, Tommy must use his gift of gab to ensure that when the shipment does arrive, his clientele will distribute them. He visits a few Asians, Latinos and oddly a priest who informs Tommy he's a little tied up on Sundays.


11) "It's the hood, baby. Situations can change at the drop of a dime." Tasha.

Ghost and Tasha take their first stab at co-parenting as they lie to their children about what happened to Shawn. They blame his misfortune on old friends from the hood and conveniently leave out the fact that it was his father, Uncle Kanan who actually pulled the trigger.

12) "Well then, I better go do a pick up down on Elizabeth." Julio

As far as anyone is concerned Lobos is dead. Yet when Julio goes to Truth to ask Ghost why he isn't around to control Tommy, Julio unintentionally reveals he's going to pick up weight from Lobos' old spot, informing Ghost there's a bounty on his head.

13) Ghost ain't coming back. I'm number one now and you could be number two but you ain't never gonna second guess me again. Either you in or you out." Tommy

As Tommy begins to gain his footing as the boss, Julio questions his method and approach, which almost gets him killed.  Yet, while Tommy still doesn't understand how to fully conduct business, he makes sure Julio knows second guessing his decision making won't be tolerated.

14) "Holly, I got you that sh*tty pan pizza you like," Tommy.

Lobos made it clear at the end of Season Two he could be his sole distributor, but he must first kill Ghost. Not one to repeat himself, Tommy comes home with pizza only to see his beloved dog's neck slit. A clear warning from Lobos it was the dog now, it might be his Holly next.

15) "Tommy, we need to talk man....It's Ghost."

After professing he was out of the game and instructed Dre and Tasha to call him James, upon learning Lobos is alive he calls his one time brother in hopes their bond isn't completely broken.

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