Power S3 2016

<em>Power</em>: How We Got To Season 3

Oh, what a tangled web Power has woven. When season one began on STARZ, NYC drug kingpin James “Ghost” St. Patrick was opening Truth, his ironically named nightclub, hoping that its success would allow him to become a respectable businessman and leave the drug world behind.

Now, as we stand on the verge of season three, he appears to have achieved that dream — but he’s lost his family, his enemies have multiplied, and he has to watch his back from every angle. Here’s a look at the most important storylines from Power season two, and how they relate to the upcoming season.

Ghost and Angela

What could possibly go wrong when two high school lovebirds rekindle their old flame after decades apart? Plenty, especially when one of them is a) married and b) a big-time drug dealer, and the other one is a federal agent who’s trying to bring down the international drug trafficker Lobos who just happens to be Ghost’s supplier. Though Ghost and Angela discovered each other’s true identities in season two — and though their affair has cost Ghost his marriage and jeopardized Angela’s job — they’re still together as season three begins. Can Ghost make his relationship with Angela work, and say goodbye to the criminal life forever?

Greg's Revenge

In an attempt to save herself, Angela threw former boyfriend and fellow FBI agent Greg under the bus, getting him suspended from the bureau by falsely claiming that he’d sexually harassed her. Bad move: Greg is the only other agent who knows the truth about Ghost’s illegal dealings — and his relationship with Angela — and he’s vowed to do whatever it takes to blow his cover and bring him to justice.

Three of Clubs

After regaining control of Truth, and taking over two other nightspots that previously belonged to Simon Stern, Ghost now has three clubs in his mini-empire, which should be his ticket to legitimacy. But it remains to be seen whether or not Ghost can successfully run one legit business, let alone three — especially when his criminal past may be coming back to haunt him at any moment.

The Return of Kanan

You’ll remember the shocking finale from last season (and if not, see the picture above for a chilling refresher…). Now, convinced that Ghost and Tasha set him up for a bust that resulted in a 10-year prison stretch, Kanan has been plotting to kill Ghost and take over his drug operation. After finally realizing Kanan’s true intentions, Ghost leaves him bleeding in a burning building following an epic one-on-one battle. But Kanan somehow manages to escape the structure before it goes up in flames, which means he’ll be gunning even harder for Ghost in season three.

The Ruiz Riddle

 As season two drew to a close, Ghost attempted to clean house by bumping off all of his major distributors. The only exception was Ruiz, who Ghost advised to leave the city until the wave of killings subsided. Ghost’s advice may not have been entirely benevolent — Ruiz took his entire family with him, rendering his teenage daughter conveniently unable to testify at Angela’s disciplinary hearing. But as the leader of the Soldado Nation, Ruiz won’t be able to stay off the grid forever. And when he returns to NYC, will he align himself with Lobos or Kanan and come after Ghost?

Brother In Arms

Perhaps the saddest storyline from season two was the dissolution of Ghost’s long-standing partnership with Tommy, his best friend since their early days on the streets. After getting arrested in an FBI sting involving Angela — and learning that Ghost had paid his trouble-making girlfriend Holly to leave town — Tommy is through with his old partner and wants to step out on his own. Lobos, who wants Ghost permanently out of the picture, has given Tommy an ultimatum: Kill Ghost and take the reins of Ghost’s drug operation, or face death himself. How will Tommy respond?

If we’ve learned anything from the first two seasons of Power, it’s that the show’s plot can turn on a dime, and the characters’ alliances can shift with lightning speed.

Download the STARZ app to catch up now, and tune in to STARZ this Sunday at 9pm to see what happens next.

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