Kanan Gains His Strength And A Sister In Arms In Episode 303 “I Got This On Lock”


It’s the beginning of new beginnings in Power episode 303 “I Got This On Lock.”  While Ghost and Angie frolic in their bliss, Tasha and Tommy figure out a way to keep the IRS  off their back as Tasha devises a plan to clean their dirty drug money.

And while everyone is going about their lives, Kanan regains his strength and a sister in arms, his law enforcement cousin Jukebox, who proves to be just as vicious, treacherous and blood thirsty as he is.

The pot is beginning to simmer, and with Kanan’s return, it will surely boil over. Check out the 14 best lines from this week’s episode of Power.

1) “How many times have I told y’all not to do a job without a plan? If I wanted to be somebody’s momma, I would’ve had kids of my own.”- Laverne Ganer (Jukebox)

Tony award winning actress Anika Noni Rose dons a treacherous hat as crooked Washington, D.C. officer Laverne Ganer, known around the way as Jukebox. After two men rob a local pharmacy, Jukebox arrives on the scene instructing one of the robbers to kill the store clerk, only for her to then kill the robber.

2) “James, you think it went alright with the kids?”–Angela

On a early morning run, Angela questions if the children liked her and enjoyed the sleepover. Angela already has Ghost’s heart but knows she must win over the kids if they are to truly become a family.

3) “We need new paperwork to cover the new business.”–Tasha

Tasha, Tommy and Holly must now find a new way to clean all the dirty money that will be coming in. Now that all the laundromats are closed, Tasha convinces Tommy his new business venture will be hair weaves.

4) “I hope you’re right, T. We’re both going to be rich as sh*t and then maybe I can buy you something for once.”–Keisha

Tasha doesn’t tell Keisha the real reason she’s investing in her business. The less Keisha knows the better for her if anything illegal happens.

5) “I’ll be paying for half, maybe a little less than half”–Angela

Angela starts looking at apartments after getting the thumbs up from Ghost that the kids had fun. Angela hopes the fairytale love affair will spill over onto the kids and they’ll truly become a family.

6) “What you see is what you get. I’m as real as they come.”– James St. Patrick

James interrupted a business dinner with the two club owners who swindled DJ Taj the night before. In doing so, he merited the attention of a burgeoning hotel owner who is looking to place a club–maybe Truth–inside her luxe new establishment.

7) “I’m so so sorry officer. It’s my fault. Tasha is just my nanny. If she did anything wrong I was just rushing her to get back to my place.” –Holly

Tasha and Holly get pulled over on the way back from Keisha’s salon. After officers ask Tasha for her license and registration, Holly quickly tells officers Tasha is her nanny and her traffic violation was because she ordered her to rush home. Tasha then doubles down on the nanny act with a spot on Miss Cleo accent, which puts them on their merry way.

8) “I can’t believe anyone would do this to their family. What he do, get a new apartment or something?”–Holly

Holly and Tasha have a girl’s moment back at Tommy’s house after being pulled over. Right as Tasha leaves, Holly inquires about how Tasha and the kids are doing, and learns Ghost is now living with Angela. It appears as though Holly’s just  being nosey, but she does it to find Ghost’s whereabouts so Tommy can kill him.

9) “The police told us the gun is registered to a department of justice employee, an AUSA Angela Valdez.”–Margret Chambers.

Tasha and Ghost arrive at Tariq’s school after learning he had a gun in his backpack. Ghost and Tasha know their son doesn’t own a gun, but Ghost assumes he stole Tasha’s Once inside the principal’s office, they both learn the gun belongs to Angela.

10) “White kids shoot at schools all the time. Read the news.”–Tariq St. Patrick.

Tariq mouths off at his parents while they reprimand him for getting in trouble at school. Tariq says since, dad isn’t around to protect him, and Shawn was killed he feared for his life and needed to protect himself, which is why he stole the gun.

11) “He’s a boy, Angela. That’s what they do. They get into sh*t” –Ghost

Ghost and Angela get into a heated argument about Tariq and the gun. Ghost accuses Angela of not being responsible and putting her gun away, but Angela tries to explain she placed her gun in her purse and her purse in her closet. Ghost and Angela then decide that pushing the kids may have been too soon.

12) “You ain’t black no more. You blue.” –Kanan

Kanan hasn’t told Jukebox the real reason he’s hurt and explains the reason why he doesn’t trust her is because she’s the enemy, which is law enforcement.

13) “You sacrifice pawns for the greater good.”–Jukebox

Kanan tells his Jukebox he killed Shawn. Jukebox doesn’t flinch at the news and doesn’t mince words when she tells Kanan you brought him into this world but it was Ghost who raised him.

14) “He tries to kill me, then your next brotha”–Ghost

Ghost texts Tommy from Tariq’s phone and asks to meet. Ghost knows Lobos is trying to kill him, but doesn’t know Lobos has commissioned Tommy to carry out the hit. Ghost tries to get back into Tommy’s good graces and asks that they partner up and take Lobos down. Tommy however isn’t falling for it.