“It’s Never Over” Check Out The 11 Best Lines From Episode 302 Of Power


After insisting he be referred to as James in the Season Three opener, Ghost learns Lobos is alive and must now create a plan to “close the issue.” He tries his best to glean information from Proctor without revealing his first attempt on his life, and while James St Patrick must don Ghost’s murderous persona one more time, Tommy has to smooth things over with his connects while Lobos’ financials and supply are being seized.

The pace is steady as the story continues to unfold in Season Three. Check out the 11 best lines from Power, episode 302 “It’s Never Over.”

1) “Yes I can, but the question is whether I should? See you asking
means you already know more than I do.” Proctor

Ghost tries to get as much information regarding Lobos’ whereabouts from Proctor without revealing his failed hit on Lobos’ life. Proctor is no fool. He knows what his client has done in the past and is capable of, but continue to play along for now.

2) “You can’t just replace Bell.” Holly

Tommy hasn’t told Holly Bell was killed, and attempts to offer comfort by telling Holly if their pup doesn’t return, he’ll replace her with a new one. Holly blatantly tells Tommy no other dog can replace their precious Bell.

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3) “After Tommy gets this check, we’re officially closed for business.
I’m out. We are not partners anymore.” Ghost

Ghost tries several times to reach Tommy, and in a last-ditch effort leans on Tasha to deliver Tommy’s half of their dirty money and make it clear once Tommy gets this check, he’s officially out of the game..

4) “She ain’t a drive by, he parked. If I act badly, the kids are the only ones who suffer.” Tasha.

Tasha has accepted her husband is gone and her marriage is over. Yet instead of seeking revenge, she’s being mature and doing what’s best for the kids by allowing them to spend the night at Angela’s house, not because she approves of Angela, but because she wants her children’s father to be active in their lives, despite not being in their homes.

5) “Whatever it is, you get a card like that it means you’re in trouble. It means we’re in trouble. Is that why you want me strapped?” Dre

Dre confronts Ghost on the bloody card inside his desk. After spending time in jail, Dre knows that card can only mean death and reassures Ghost he’s ready to go to war if need be. Unfortunately, Ghost is still keeping things close to the chest.

6) “Maybe that’s why Ghost started f**king Angela, he was just doing what
was best for you.” Tommy

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Tasha explains to Tommy why she and Ghost never told him about sending Kanan to prison. The less people that knew, the better, yet Tommy internalizes the information as further proof of the lies and backstabbing he experienced, and throws salt in Tasha’s wounds by bringing up Ghost’s relationship with Angela.

7) “I just started working over there so I don’t know the ins and outs of
everything. What I do know is they have security cameras and
ex-militia watching that front door and I ain’t getting sent back up
state for nobody.” Dre.

Dre walks into his old spot sporting his new professional attire to get the scoop on what he’s missed. After revealing he runs three night clubs–one of them being Truth–he learns of his friend’s plan to try and rob the after hours spot. Dre doesn’t want to mess up his chances with Ghost but also doesn’t want to look like he’s turned his back on the street and discourages them from following through with their plan due to “ex-militia”    

8) Cut the sh*t. I’m your attorney here, and I need to know if you’re in real danger. Proctor

Proctor is no fool and Ghost isn’t that smart. After revealing Lobos’ death certificate is in the system and figuring out he’ll be given a John Doe trial, Proctor surmises the reason why Ghost is so desperate to know of his whereabouts is to finally kill Lobos.

9) “You wanted him, you wanted them, okay. Remember that. You better be
sure you’re ready for this.” Tasha.

Demonstrating an admirable maturity, Tasha stops by Angela’s apartment to inspect it for child safety. Tasha keeps it business as usual while Angela adheres to her suggestions.

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10)”Listen kids I know it’s hard, but I want is to really try, okay?” Ghost

Angela comes home to find the kids arrived an hour early. She quickly says hello and then changes. While Angela is in the bedroom, Ghost asks that they try their hardest while getting to know Angela.

11) “Ghost got in touch with me, wants to meet up tonight and when he
shows I’m gonna put a f**king bullet in his head.” Tommy

Tommy meets with Lobos’ messenger–the man that killed Bell–and after snorting a bit of coke promises he’ll kill his one time brother and family. A promise he could not fulfill.