Premiere: Torii Wolf “Shadows Crawl” (Produced by DJ Premier)

While most of us are dreaming away peacefully in La-La Land at night, many creatives are up putting their soul into art. Singer Torii Wolf knows all about having restless nights with her thoughts racing at a mile per minute.

“Preem played me this beat he made for Yuna that she didn’t end up using, and I instantly felt connected to it,” says Torii about her new song, “Shadows Crawl.” “I’ve never been a good sleeper, I sleep in tiny intervals, if at all, and when I do I talk in my sleep.”

The moody song takes us deep into Torii’s thoughts as she floats aimlessly over the pounding drums. “Shadows Crawl” is like an Ambien trip for music connoisseurs who crave Group Home sounds mixed with the vocals of a songstress who embodies the soul of the ’60s.

“When we finished recording Torii’s debut, Flow Riiot, I felt like we needed one more song and I played her this beat,” DJ Premier tells VIBE. “Torii wrote “Shadows Crawl” on the spot and cut the vocals. I immediately knew that this should be the follow up to our first single “1st.”

She adds, “It’s such a vulnerable place, to be verbally expressive and not know what could creep out of your subconscious. I love Preem’s vibe on this record, it brings me to that “Eldritch Place” (wondrous and curious places). Performing “Shadows Crawl” together live has been unreal.”

Torii and Preemo are currently working on her debut album Flow Riiot.

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