Rhymes & Deals: The Products Referenced In ScHoolboy Q’s ‘Blank Face LP’


ScHoolboy Q’s new record, Blank Face LP, lyrically illustrates his gang banging past and the #BlackLivesMatter movement, including references to film characters, sneakers, hats, and even Pringles.

On “Black THougHts,” possibly the best representation of a prayer for peace between gangs on the record, ScHoolboy pleads to stop the violence of gang culture. “We all need each other” is his message and storied rise out of poverty. Q states just how opposing gang members can help each other succeed, speaking to the fact that his label CEO, Anthony “Top Dawg” Tiffith who’s a Blood, saw the talent in the 29-year-old by signing him to the roster.  It took a Blood to get me Pringle chips,” he raps.

While there’s a ton of film references and car brands to fill a dealership, we broke down the pop culture and fashion mentions that were discovered throughout the soundscape.

Houston Astros Hat – Mentioned in “Tookie Knows II”
“A young n**** back on Fig, H-Crown on wig”

“Fig,” is shortened for Figueroa Street in Los Angeles, Calif., while an “H-Crown” is the Houston Astros logo. The Hoover Gangster Crips, the gang that ScHoolboy Q reps, are part of the reasoning behind why the “H’s” are always capitalized in his song titles. Given that the hat has taken on a new meaning for a few people, it’s still a classic hat nonetheless.

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FL Studio: Music Production Software
– Mentioned in “Tookie Knows II”
“PC, get the Fruit Loops”

FL Studio, nicknamed “Fruity Loops,” is a music production software much like Pro Tools, Logic, and Ableton Live. Famous hip-hop/rap producers such as Hit-Boy have used the software to produce songs like Kanye West & Jay-Z’s “N****s in Paris.” Unlike the $599 Pro Tools or Ableton Live price tags, FL Studio is popular among beginner producers since it’s only under $200.

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Eddie Kane / 
The Five Heartbeats - Mentioned in “Groovy Tony/Eddie Kane”

As the name of the track, Eddie Kane was a character from the film The Five Heartbeats, which was loosely based on the real life artists. In the film, Kane, the lead singer of the group, loses his fame and acclaim to drugs and personal demons, only later to overcome them. ScHoolboy Q is saying that his life is as cinematic as Kane’s from the film.

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Dolemite - Mentioned in “Ride Out”
“I think I’m Dolemite” 

The title character of several blaxploitation films from the 70s, Dolemite talked in rhyme, could get any girl he wanted, and whoop anyone’s a**. ScHoolboy Q thinks he’s as strong, seductive, and cool as Dolemite.

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Converse Sneakers & Hi-Tops
– Mentioned in “JoHn Muir,” “Big Body,” and “Tookie Knows II”
“Tryna get the J’s, blue Chucks sick as flu”
“Steppin in my big blue Chucks, Groovy Q they all wanna f***”
“N**** I’m blue’d up, blue Chucks / Blue tee, nigga I keep it G” – Traffic in “Tookie Knows II”

The longstanding Chuck Taylor sneakers remains a recurring item over the course of Q’s lyrical prowess, sporting the blue-toned kicks whenever he journeys throughout his Hoover Street neighborhood.

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