Puma Introduces New Ultramodern BMW X-Cat Disc Sneaker


Puma has teamed up with the BMW Company, Design Works, to create the futuristic and metallic silver BMW X-CAT DISC sneaker.

The futuristic metallic silver design, inspired by the uncommon GINA Light Visionary car model, which made a public debut almost a decade ago, makes its style both unique and unforgettable. For starters the flexible, supple water fabric contains both resistant and semitransparent skin, along with a resilient and durable spandex. Not only is the sneaker able to withstand extremely high or low temperatures it does not distend or shrink, making it hard for the fabric to retain any damage.

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The silver stretch fabric that covers the exterior of the sneaker takes after the metallic material used on the actual BMW model and refashioned for the ultramodern-style sneaker. As the shoe is opened and closed, the appearance of it instantly transforms, just like a car. Many refer to both the BMW model and sneaker design as strange. However, as one of sportswear’s leading brands, Puma’s luxury car-inspired sneaker can put you on the edge of fashion if you are interested in the futuristic look.

The shoes are now available for purchase today (July 1) on Puma.com as well as in select retailers worldwide.

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