Christmas Is Around The Corner: Now You Can Buy A RIP Taylor Swift T-Shirt


Kim Kardashian West pulled the equivalent of a crumbled up Target receipt from her purse to publicly blast Taylor Swift last week. (July 17) The pop star long maintained she was unaware of Kanye West’s controversial lyrics to his song “Famous,” and even used the Grammy stage to take a not-so-subliminal shot at The Life of Pablo artist.

North and Saint’s mother wasn’t having it, and uploaded several videos to her Snapchat debunking Swift’s claim she didn’t know about the song. Twitter then proceeded to drag Swift and the fallout made going to work the following Monday morning a lot easier for some.

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Online retailer Jerry’s World sensed there was money to be made from Swift’s misfortunes, and created a RIP Taylor T-Shirt for anyone who wants to revel in her embarrassment, support local businesses or add to their on-going collection of T-shirts they wear to bed. The shirt reads “In Memory of Taylor Swift” with the letters R IP written across the side and pictures of Kim and Kanye to the right. The year Swift was born and her “death” year (being 2016) are written at the bottom.

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“Taylor Swift 1989-2016 Murdered Via Snapchat By Kimberly Kardashian” is the description on the page. The $36 T-shirt gained some steam Wednesday (July 20) when it was photoshopped on Kanye.

This isn’t the first time someone has used a celebrity’s misery to make a quick buck. After the Golden State Warriors loss against The Cleveland Cavaliers, a “Bye Ayesha” T-Shirt surfaced online.

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No one is safe from the Internet. No one.