Ramsey Orta, Man Who Filmed Eric Garner’s Death, Slaps New York City With $10 Million Lawsuit


Ever since Ramsey Orta captured footage of police officers wrongfully handling his friend, Eric Garner, in 2014, the police force has been alert. Officers are ensuring not to screw up, being very cautious to follow all protocols to a T when handling arrests. But Orta believes his involvement with the Eric Garner case has turned the police against him, and that they’re out to get him in any way they can.

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Following the death of Garner, Orta was arrested for possession of a handgun, and a few months later he got busted selling heroin to an undercover cop. He accepted a plea deal on his weapon and drug charges, and will receive four years in jail for pleading guilty.

Now, Orta is fighting back. He has submitted a lawsuit, suing the city for $10 million, as he feels his arrest for these charges was in “retaliation” to who he is. According to the New York Daily News, the lawsuit states that his 2015 arrest in the Lower East Side of Manhattan was unwarranted and the NYPD’s tactic to “discredit” Orta’s video.

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“He feels he was unjustly singled out for arrest because he took that film of his friend getting arrested,” his lawyer, Andrew Plasse, told the Daily News. “The police have gone out of their way to follow him and arrest him every chance they get.”

Orta is set to appear in court for his pending charges on Oct. 3.

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