Rep. John Lewis Officially Hands Presidential Nomination To Hillary Clinton

Civil rights icon Rep. John Lewis of Georgia wants us to vote like we’ve never voted before for Hillary Clinton. On the second day of the Democratic National Convention, Lewis seconded the Democratic nomination of Clinton for president.

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Lewis spoke passionately about Clinton’s work ethic and the history the DNC has made in the past with the previous nomination for President Barack Obama. “Now eight years ago, our party, the Democratic party elected the first person of color for the White House,” he said. “Tonight on this night, we will shatter that glass ceiling again. We are the party of tomorrow and we will build a true democracy in America.”

The history-making moment will continue with Sen. Barbara Mikulski of Maryland and Iraq war veteran Na’ilah Amaru’s nomination speeches as well. Mikulski is the longest-serving woman in Congress reports The LA Times.

Check out a snippet of his powerful speech below.

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