South Carolina’s Respect N Salute Are Looking For A “Homie Lover Friend”

The Carolinas seems to have a few hidden gems buried in the mud. And up next, is Duncan, South Carolina’s Doc Deezy and Cease — collectively known as Respect N Salute.

The duo has been on their grind for a while now. And it looks like they have a track that contains all of the ingredients for a hit song: gripping storyline, mature content, memorable hook, and solid lyrics.

With that, Respect N Salute gave VIBE the permission to premiere their new track and video dubbed, “Homie Lover Friend (HLF).” The visuals follows a young lady who is in a deleterious relationship with her man as well as turning tricks for rent money.

“The storyline we originally pitched was real cliche. It actually mirrored the song to the T,” Doc Deezy said via email. “We had a woman who was unhappy with her situation at home, and found interest in a guy who became her “Homie Lover Friend”. Dontell (director) actually hated the idea. He felt the song could have more of an impact if we created a story line that would cause people to “feel”. It emotionally strikes a nerve and keeps viewers tuned in the whole 4:30 minutes.”

The group has opened up for artists like Ciara, Young Dro, Plies, Rick Ross, among others. With their gripping subject matter and melodic raps, music lovers should definitely keep an eye for Respect N Salute.

Watch the video for above.