Rihanna Fans Show Crazy Love In “Goodnight Gotham” Video

The success from Rihanna’s ANTI album continues.

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The singer has officially released a brief video for her song, “Goodnight Gotham,” and she’s one of the few artists that can bring out the entire city of Paris, only for a night.

Rihanna documented one of her trips to the City of Lights, as she left a photoshoot for her most recent recording album, ANTI, to meet up with her fans at the Trocadero Square. In the video, Rih looks out the window as her vehicle approaches the location, with thousands of her #RihannaNavy going wild, screaming and cheering her on.

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“This is one of the craziest things I’ve ever done,” she says.

The pop singer embraced her fans, running towards the swarm of people to take the crowd in her arms. She even got a lift from her bodyguard, as he boosted her up on his shoulders, as if she was on top of the world, to give her a better view of the crowd. Rihanna waved to the audience, smiling, with the glare of flashing lights beaming against her face.

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#RihannaNavy just can’t get enough of the Bajan beauty, and their love for one another is displayed in “Goodnight Gotham.” Check out the epic video below.

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