Roland Martin Calls Shad Moss’ Comments On Civil Rights “The Dumbest Ish” Ever

Shad Moss’ (a.k.a., Bow Wow) tweeting about his inability to relate to the civil rights issues due to his father’s mixed heritage is easily “the dumbest thing” Roland Martin has ever seen.

Martin went on Twitter to share his response to Bow’s controversial statements and he didn’t mince words. “These comments by Bow Wow @smoss about being mixed and not understanding civil rights is some of the dumbest ish I’ve EVER seen in my life,” he tweeted Thursday (July 28).

He also educated Bow on other bi-racial people — like President Obama — who aren’t disconnected from civil rights issues. “Hey Bow Wow @smoss. I met you at the White House. Guess what? @POTUS is mixed. And he sure as hell knows about civil rights!” Martin added.

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Whille Obama’s mixed heritage is more direct in that his mother was white and his father was black, Bow’s mixed roots come from his estranged father — who is apparently bi-racial.

Though Bow thanked Martin for the “enlightening” him, he’s also retweeted a message implying that his comments shouldn’t even matter — given all that’s going on in the world.

Still, Bow’s potentially overblown words have him on the defense — specifically with the Internet at large, including Just Blaze who questioned why he chose to host BET’s 106 & Park instead of “a white and native american television hosting job.”

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In response, the Ohio native basically told Blaze that everything is being blown out of proportion. “I respect you dawg,” he tweeted. “Stop paying attn to the media blaze,” adding “of all folks you should know better bro.”