Rush Limbaugh Thinks The Obamas Should “Get Over” Slavery


Conservative political radio host Rush Limbaugh has grown weary of the Obama’s constantly referencing slavery, and thinks they should get over it if the country is to move forward.

“They cant stop talking about slavery, and largely in a context of, ‘Hey, you know what? It isn’t settled yet.’ And, ‘Hey, you know what, we haven’t fixed it yet.” I mean, that’s their starting point, and I think that’s a no-win situation for us because we’ve made great strides,” Limbaugh said.

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Just a day after Michelle Obama delivered the keynote speech at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, the 65 year old went on his radio show to offer his two cents about the First Lady’s speech and what he believes is reason why the nation can’t move forward.

“This country has made phenomenal strides since then. Undeniable. And we’re one of the only countries on Earth that has. Great Britain being the other. This country has done more for and organized for minorities than any other nation on earth.”

In an attempt to break it down in layman’s terms, Limbaugh likened the Obama’s reminder of slavery to that of a husband who forgives his wife for cheating, yet constantly reminds the wife of her extramarital affairs.

“Now imagine, sir, every argument you have, you continue to remind her that she’s to blame for everything because she’s the one that had the affair. I said, your relationship hasn’t a prayer if you can’t let it go. If all you can do is continue to remind her what you’ve already forgiven her for then the days of your relationship are over.”

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The First Lady galvanized many and ruffled the feathers of a few when she said “I wake up everyday in a house that was built by slaves.” Since her statement, several news outlets have fact-checked Obama’s statement, and fellow conservative Bill O’Reilly weighed in on the conversation as well.