‘Sabado Gigante’ Comedian Sentenced To 153 Years In Prison For Child Pornography

Adonis Losada, or better known as his beloved character “Doña Concha” on Univision’s longest-running program in history, Sabado Gigante, is a familiar face to Latinos all over the world. The actor and comedian, who’s already serving a 10-year sentence for similar charges, has been sentenced to 153 years in prison due to 52 counts of child pornography. Ay, Doña Concha!

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According to NBC Los Angles, during the trial the jurors were shown images of Losada watching child pornography. A recorded phone call between him and an undercover detective discussing sexual relations with young boys and girls was also presented as evidence. Throughout the trial Losada tried to convince the jury that he didn’t knowingly send or receive child porn, however it’s safe to say neither the jury nor the judge believed his story. “The sentence was affected by the testimony the judge probably found to be not credible,” said Frank Quintero, a criminal defense attorney.

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This news comes approximately one year after Sabado Gigante, also Univision’s longest-running television variety series in history, aired its last show ever.