St.Louis Journalist Fired For Tendentious Facebook Posts Regarding Michael Brown’s Mother

Journalists are known for digging into the nitty-gritty, and being very vocal about what they believe in. But one journalist might have shoved his foot a bit too far in his mouth.

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St. Louis reporter, Bobby Hughes, has reportedly been let go of his job at KTVI, a FOX affiliate in St. Louis, due to insensitive remarks he made about Michael Brown’s mother on Facebook, CBS reports.

If you recall, Brown’s fatal death in Ferguson, Mo., stemmed from an incident of police brutality. His death sparked movements across the nation.

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After Brown’s mother was said to be one of the ladies that will take the stage at the DNC, supporting the Democrats and the Black Lives Matter Movement, Hughes took his fingers to his electronic device for a Facebook post about the decision. “She’s going to talk about the new lead diet she’s endorsed. Five servings and you can lose 200 lbs in two years easily,” he wrote.

The Ethical Society of Police caught wind of the posting, and brought it to the attention of the public. The overnight photographer and journalist was let go from his position, and the spokesperson of KTVI confirmed his departure.

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“Bobby Hughes no longer works here; he’s no longer an employee of KTVI,” the spokesperson said.

Hughes has since apologized for his opinionated comment on Facebook, stating it was very insensitive of him. But unfortunately, sometimes our actions speak louder than our words.