Theophilus London Tweets Updates On Frank Ocean’s Album

Everyone is wondering where’s Frank Ocean’s album. With recent reports he may be finishing a novel, no one really knows what to expect anymore. Except maybe one person.

Just yesterday, R&B/hip-hop artist Theophilus London tweeted:

“Can’t wait till that new Frank Ocean record drops soon! A Lil Birdy told me a secret last night”

What obviously is just another tease coming from someone who has deep sources within the music industry, this update from London is just another hint in what has become an increasingly long trail of breadcrumbs. Ocean’s album could come out this month or it could be released a year from now, at this point anything is possible.

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A mysterious update to his website has people feeling good about the chances that it will be coming out this month, but no one really ever knows with Ocean. Last July, people were feeling just as confident about its impending release and then a year later and still no album. The update to his website included a photo that appeared to be a “library card” which had a number of various due-date stamps along with “Boys Don’t Cry,” the LP’s rumored title, written at the bottom. The final date reads July 2016, with the exact date scribbled out.

Artists such as James Blake have also commented on Ocean’s process in the past year. The British singer told Entertainment Weekly, “I can’t [share any details] because I don’t know any. Nobody knows. You could probably talk to almost anybody involved in that record and I’m not sure anybody would be able to tell you what’s happening.”

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The last new music we’ve heard from Ocean was his track on Kanye West’s album The Life Of Pablo. Whatever Ocean is working on, it’s surely going to appease all of his fans who’ve been tirelessly waiting for the follow up to his debut album Channel Orange which was released in 2012.