Troy Ave Is A Free Man


Troy Ave is officially tasting freedom.

The 30-year-old Brooklyn native was released from police custody on Monday (July 11), nearly two months after he was arrested in the New York City nightclub shooting that killed his friend, Ronald McPhatter.

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Ave, whose birth name is Ronald Collins, was released from custody on $500,000 bond following a court hearing. His mother’s home in Brooklyn was used to secure the bond, reports the New York Daily News.

He confirmed the news on Twitter this morning.

While the shooting investigation is ongoing, freedom comes with restrictions for the rapper who must wear an ankle bracelet, and is barred from leaving New York (including to visit his children in New Jersey).

He’s also prohibited from  bars,  arenas, and concert venues, which will hurt his ability to work.

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The May 25 shooting at Manhattan’s Irving Plaza broke out during a T.I. concert. Ave sustained a non-fatal gunshot wound along with a 26-year-old woman who was shot in the leg.

Video surveillance from the venue shows Ave firing into the VIP area out of what his attorney, John Stella, maintains is an act of self-defense.

Ave was indicted on attempted murder and weapon’s possession last month, but dodged a murder charge.

”We feel that we have a case to present that’s ultimately going to exonerate him and indicate that his actions were justified,” said Stella, according to the Daily News.

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On the contrary, Assistant District Attorney Joshua Steinglass, expressed no immediate plans to drop Ave as a suspect in the case.

“What is clear is that the investigation from the outset has been hampered by the defendant who not only fired and removed the weapon from the crime scene, he refused to help in any way [to identify] who killed McPhatter,” said Steinglass before adding, “That’s not to [suggest] those are two separate people, it may well be the same person.”


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