Trump Lobbyist Tweets His Desire For Deray McKesson To “Disappear”


News of Deray McKesson’s arrest Saturday (July 9) made headlines as the prominent Black Lives Matter activist was taken away by Baton Rouge police in handcuffs. McKesson and other protestors were on hand to demonstrate in wake of the brutal killing of Alton Sterling just a few nights before.

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And while many Tweeted in support of McKesson, one self-proclaimed Donald Trump lobbyist tweeted out his chilling thoughts in regards to the welfare of the 31 year old activist.

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McKesson along with several other protestors were released 16 hours after their arrest, yet, in the wake of the constant police brutality that claimed the lives of Alton Sterling, Philando Castile and Alva Brazile, user RealKingRobbo’s comments only further divided the country.