You Can Now Apply For A Blue Check On Twitter


It’s about to go down: Twitter just opened up the elusive blue check to the public according to Stupid Dope.

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The blue check is usually reserved for celebrities and those who have established a cult following in their respective field, but the giant feels it’s time to allow people to get in on the social media fame.

“We want to make it even easier for people to find creators and influencers on Twitter so it makes sense for us to let people apply for verification,” said Tina Bhatnagar, Twitter’s vice president of User Services. Twitter used to allow for users to request verification in its early stages, but was swiftly removed in favor of the process it had up until recently. Users were verified without request, when Twitter felt that they had proved themselves in the jungle that is social media.

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The new process will allow users to simply apply. With basic information and a complete profile, you too, could get a blue check.

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