Tyga Travels To Jamaica For ‘1 Of 1′ Video

Throughout its storied history, hip-hop has always had its roots in the island culture. From Kool Herc, Biggie Smalls, and Heavy D all having Caribbean roots, all the way up to now with the integration of different sounds and rhythmic patterns that we hear that are being used by Drake, one thing is very clear; the island nod’s and influences aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

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Tyga decided to take his talents to Jamaica for his new video for the track, “1 of 1.” Although the track eerily sound’s like Drake’s “Controlla,” Tyga still unleashed a few bars while keeping his eyes on his love interest in the video.

Tyga’s new mixtape, “B**** I’m The S*** 2,” is set to be released soon.

Check out the video below.