Uber Accused Of Shuttling Migrants To U.S. Border


Uber is under attack after the online transportation network company has been accused of shuttling Central American migrants through their northern border with the United States.

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According to Fox News Latino, Mexican authorities stopped five vehicles earlier this month that were carrying 34 Central American migrants between the Mexican states of Zacatecas and Coahuila. The five vehicles were linked to the car service company, Uber. The drivers allegedly left from the city of Monterrey, and picked up 34 people 200 miles south in Matehuala. The passengers claimed to have paid $162 for their ride. The group of Ubers were headed toward Reynosa, the border alongside Texas. According to Uber, however, the company does not operate in Matehuala.

Earlier this year, seven other vehicles transporting migrants were discovered in the San Luis Potosi state.

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Whether or not the passengers actually hailed the taxi service is unclear, but the Uber drivers did state they were not the owners of the vehicles they were driving. In a statement, Uber Mexico officials also denied ownership of these vehicles: “The company does not own the cars registered on the platform, nor does it employ the drivers, who are independent contractors.”