Wiz Khalifa & Snoop Dogg Go Up In Smoke With DJ Drama, Kevin Gates, Jhene Aiko & More On ‘The High Road’ Tour


Clouds of smoke arose from all corners of the Perfect Vodka Amphitheatre and created a dense smokescreen as Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg kicked off the ‘High Road’ tour in West Palm Beach, FL earlier this week (July 20).

The humid weather and the waves of rain weren’t enough to stop die-hard fans from witnessing the legendary Long Beach emcee and the Taylor Gang chief from performing an array of their collaborative records like “French Inhale” — and plenty more.

Before Wiz and Snoop took over the spacious venue, Gangsta Grillz mastermind DJ Drama and Inglewood, CA native Casey Veggies opened up the show to prepare the crowd of thousands of diverse stoners for the inaugural show of the summer extravaganza. Afterwards, Los Angeles vixen Jhene Aiko hit the stage surrounded by colorful mushrooms to allow fans to rise up to Cloud 9 along with her as she performed beautiful renditions of songs off Souled Out and Twenty88, minus Big Sean unfortunately.

After Drama satisfied Florida’s rap fans by playing songs from Kodak Black, Kevin Gates made his grand entrance and delivered a turnt, yet civil set full of his biggest songs of the year. Once he and his daughter Islah’s name lit up the DJ booth and the sidelines of the stage, Gates turned the crowd into a sweaty frenzy once he performed songs like “2 Phones” and “Really Really.”

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Marijuana trivia on each side of the stage, an interactive ‘Merry Jane’ app, which allows fans to keep in touch with the artists throughout the tour, and a quick yet hilarious introductory cartoon starring both emcees built up every fan’s anticipation before Wiz and Snoop finally made their dramatic entrance.

Snoop Dogg made his way to the stage with fresh cornrows and a Dickies style two-piece outfit with Converse Chuck Taylors as “The Next Episode” amped up the crowd, filled with young and older fans of Uncle Snoop, who exclaimed with joy as they fired up blunts all around the venue. He performed classic throwback jams like “Gin & Juice” and “Nothin’ Like a G Thang” to remind us that he’ll never lose his legendary touch.

CREDIT: Amanda Barona

Wiz Khalifa followed suit and entered the stage rocking an all-white ensemble comprised of a bright button-up and ripped jeans. “Is anyone getting stoned in here tonight?” Wiz asked with a joint already lit over the uproar of thousands of stoners in attendance. The hazy, smokescreen grew dense as the Taylor Gang founder rolled out hits like the Travis Scott assisted “Bake Sale” and “Ink My Whole Body.”

Wiz and Snoop became the ultimate duo throughout their performance. As giant, inflatable joints bounced around the audience, they performed solo hits and their joint songs off their critically acclaimed soundtrack for ‘Mac and Devin Go to High School.’ Mid-way into their performance, the crowd assumed the new-aged Cheech & Chong left the stage for a brief intermission, but nah fam.

As another cartoon distracted concert-goers in the VIP seating and the pit, Wiz and Snoop floated to an impromptu stage to get up close and personal with fans out by the lawn and bust out a few hits so that everyone in the back can see them.

Once they ran back to the main stage, Snoop and Wiz assisted each other in performing memorable hits like Wiz’s “On My Level” and “Black & Yellow.” At this point, no one was left sitting. Everyone, even some of the security personnel (Yes we saw you jammin’!) in the audience, was dancing and raging out to every song until the grand finale. The instant nirvana that seeps through the well-known piano intro kicked in and made fans scream the lyrics to “Young, Wild, & Free.”

The first night of the ‘High Road Tour’ was an unforgettable experience that will be burned into each attendee’s memory for years to come. If the echoes from the militia of burnt out, yet dedicated fans screaming the lyrics to the final song could be heard from miles away, then just know that it was lit from start to finish. It’s more than evident that the star-studded show laced with the finest strains of marijuana ended on an extremely high note.