Homeless Woman Robs Bank To Purposely Go Back To Jail

Linda Patricia Thompson told investigators in June she wouldn’t fare well after her release from prison, and on Saturday, (July 30) the 59 year old proved how right she was. According to reports, Thompson robbed a bank with the intentions of going back to prison.

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When Cheyenne, Wyo., police arrived at the U.S. bank, Thompson was sitting on the curb waiting to be arrested. Patricia went to the bank, handed a teller a cardboard sign that read “I have a gun, give me all your money.” The teller then handed over thousands of dollars.

According to FBI Special Agent Tony Smith, Thompson walked out of the bank, threw the money in the air and then gave some away to strangers as they walked by. The former Coffee Creek Correctional Facility inmate said she committed the robbery because she couldn’t get lodging at a homeless shelter, and was recently beaten up by strangers.

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Oregon court records show Thompson’s was arrested for second-degree robbery back in 2010. She was also homeless at the time as well.